The MH17 Lie,

Sign with acknowledgement Date 27 May 2012
On: H.K.H. Princess Maxima From: No Cancer Foundation vzw Noordeinde Paul Bellefroidlaan Palace 16 PO Box 30412 3500 Hasselt (Belgian) 2500 GK The Hague Website:
Dear Royal Highness.
We have the honour to ask you to save the world from the total poisoning with highly toxic carcinogenic poison.
As falsely labelled arsenic acid and chromium trioxide (chromium VI) being highly problematic hazardous waste from Billiton/Shell and other pesticides such as Monsanto Roundup, Chemtrails poison, fluoride poison, aspartame poison, holiday poison, radiation poison. Etc.
This is the result of the continuation of the Hitler-Cabinet from the Netherlands, which no longer exists constitutionally since 18 May 1940.
All this was carried out from the Bilderberg conferences chaired first by Prince Bernhard, then by Queen Beatrix and now by Etienne Davignon, at which the Nazi regime of Hitler-Ca…